Artwork, Photography, and Product Design



















I love to work with all types of materials, and love a good challenge. If you have an idea in mind of a an item you would like for me to create, or collaborate on; please email details to:

I will be happy to discuss the possibilities further!

I work with multiple mediums, they are:

Product Design: 

~ Woodworking: All species of wood, creation of furniture/lighting/specialty items.

~ Metalworking: soldering (copper/silver), welding of steel (MIG and Gas welding techniques)\

~ Plastics: Polystyrene vacuum forming, composite forming (epoxy/mesh mold forming), silicone molding/polyurethane molding.


~ sketch-ups using Verithin pencils and markers

~ pen and ink

~ watercolor

~ acrylic

~ oils

~ charcoal and pastels


~ Canon 20D Digital SLR

~ pinhole camera

~ Photo light sensitive paper

~ photo editing and touch-up using Adobe Photoshop


~ ceramic clay

~ metals (steel, aluminum, copper)

~ cardboard